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1. Registration Fees

Please note that registration is limited to 200 participants. Participants need to register only once for the ten days of the Summer School. Fees are reduced for those registering two month before the event (April 20th 2016). The following amounts (before taxes) are in Canadian dollars:

Up to April 20th 2016 From April 21st 2016
Students with proof of registration for credits 150 $ 250 $
Students Others 500 $ 600 $
Professionals 1000 $ 1200 $
Professionals (one day) - 150 $
Students (one day) - 75 $

1a. Single day registration

Participants who want to attend to only a few days can now do so. You just need to register on-line, and come the day you wish to attend to with your proof of registration to get their badge.

1b. Scholarships

Scholarships are available for poster authors (the deadline is the same as for posters).

1c. Volunteers

Our team is complete.

2. Payment Terms

Fees are paid online, by credit card.

3. Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be requested in writing and received no later than three weeks prior to the opening of the Summer School, and will involve a cancellation fee of 50$. Please note that there will be no refund after that date.

4. Registration Form

To register click on the following link

5. Credits

Students can obtain 3 credits during the Summer School. Students that want to obtain 3 credits have to pay school fees that vary according to their status on top of the Summer School fees (but they will have a significantly reduced registration fee to the Summer School)

See: details about registration for credits

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