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Ask the organisers or the volunteers! We will be happy to help you with your "Montreal experience"!


For those who enjoy running in the morning, prof Pierre Poirier (co-chair of the session on Cognitive architectures and computational models of reasoning, and an avid runner) has offered to lead a running group every morning at 7am starting from the building where the summer school is held. He'll take you to the nice running spots around the university: the old port and Lachine canal, the Parc Lafontaine, and, for those who enjoy a challenge, the Mont-Royal (a 600 feet climb to one of the nicest spots to see Montreal). So that all interested can participate, some runs will be short (3 to 5k), some longer (5-12k) and, if there is an appetite for it, a 20-25k run on a day off. He asks that you contact him (poirier.pierre at uqam.ca) if you are interested (for one or more runs) so he can plan the running outings in advance.

Information will also be broadcasted through twitter (@iscUQAM and #SS16_reasoning) and on the billboards next to the conference room.

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